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Experience the relief of understanding the platform and using it successfully so you can market what matters, connect to your customers, and grow your business.

Consulting that helps you understand how to use Instagram for your business.

Unsure of what to talk about in your captions?

Feeling frustrated with the results of your efforts?

Do you want followers that convert into customers?

Is your website ready to close the sale?

Do you need marketing that attracts the right audience?

Wondering about algorithms or platform changes?

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Make your Instagram space a place that elevates how customers see, experience, and trust your business.

Marketing what matters attracts an authentic and enthusiastic following eager to do business with you.

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"Katie's real life experience, training, and abilities around creativity, strategy and content creation is a huge value to any business."
Sarah Wallace 
Founder of Her Exchange & Sarah Lynn Co.

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"I loved working with Katie! After reviewing where I was and where I want to be, she gave me some specific strategies and plans to implement right away."

I loved looking through your Instagram! Your style and vibe in your posts and stories was so inspirational! It made me see how quickly a person can feel a connection with you when you show up in the right ways! It also gave me even more confidence in your advice because I love what you're doing.

Megan, podcast manager

"This was hands down the most helpful & professional advice I’ve received when it comes to social media!"

Katie was by far my favorite person to work with to date. She provided in depth knowledge to me about the struggles we were facing within social media and the best steps to solve these issues. I felt like she knew what she was talking about and really took the time to dive into solving all the problems I presented her. Her professionalism blew me away- from beginning to end! I thoroughly appreciated her help and would love to work with her in the future!

tiffany, kinsley collection

"I feel like I now have the ability to present myself in a professional manner thanks to a clear brand vision!"

I didn’t even know where to start with branding my business! I needed help with everything. Katie was able to provide me with a clear vision for my business and add creativity that I just did not have an eye for. This has been such a great experience, the level of professionalism was top of class! 

Kristy C., freelancer & consultant

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