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Empowering what's within to create ease in every way.


Future clients can pick               . Your vision embodied with the simplicity to honor what you do best is why they're gonna choose        .



Future clients can pick anyone . Your vision embodied with the simplicity to honor what you do best is why they're gonna choose you .

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Katie is creative, organized, reliable, and truly brilliant!

- Kristi, MA | enneagram university


Sure, there's a million options out there when it comes to running a successful business. Time and time again my clients are relieved with the results of achieving more by doing less, and doing what they're best at.

Distinguish your brand positioning, more easily attract high-quality leads, and increase ideal client conversions so that at the end of the day you're continuing to develop a sustainable and happy business doing more of what you love through the exceptional service you're known for.

Harness natural flow and opportunities with this ongoing practice of attracting the right people, strong connection through values & value, conversion with an integrity-based selling process through Comfortable Sales, retaining loyal, engaged clients longer, and ideal clients referring others just like them because of their great experience.

The Profit Branding™ Method 

attract | connect | convert | retain | refer


Traditional methods look only at your business. On the other hand we know business is made up of its people and without them there is no business, The Ascend Your Brand Model attends first to the linchpin of it all, you.

A shift that seeks to understand the people (who), the business (what), and the brand (why) respectively to compound your brand's total impact. Here's a few examples:

The people bring a variety of strengths, capabilities, resources, capacity, experience, and ideas. The business is a fluid combination of industry, offers, location, pricing, and deliverability. And the brand is where we see the emotional & analytical results of reputation, expectation, outcome, and experience. 

It sounds so simple but I'll keep saying it- more ease from within.


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Ascend Your Brand


Actualizing your dreams is a common goal for most entrepreneurs and leaders. Often referenced as a specific arrival but more accurately is a one-of-a-kind, personal journey.

Accessibility for the business + consumer varies and means that hard work and hope doesn't guarantee deserved or equal results. This knowledge is woven into every company fiber of AC Co.

The Ethical Brand Mainframe is my ethicalities hub, informing all of my work. It recognizes that your needs are a DNA that will be revealed, understood, and supported at the pace in which you are comfortable and capable. You are your own greatest guide. 

I hold epically deep & informed spaces so we can co-create for your biz, brand, and beyond. I'm committed to honoring how this might look for us within my role as a supporter, educator, trainer, listener, and elsewise.

physiological | belonging | achievement | Actualize

The Ethical Brand Mainframe


what ease looks like for my          clients:

➲ Ideate & introduce offers stress-free
Curiously explore new ideas when they feel fun and exciting
➲ Leaning in to the natural strengths of their team 
➲ Flow and simplicity within daily business life
Marketing makeovers that last
Wow-worthy confidence that makes everything easier

➲ Resolve customer confusion to increase loyalty, retention, and referrals
➲ A sales process that takes the cake and brings home more bacon, baby
Client testimonials that sales teams are stopping to take note of
Rapport, trust, and engagement instead of algorithm obsessing and trend chasing

customer experience


➲ Cohesive hype building & event execution
➲ Providing vendors with integrity-based purpose & aligned direction
➲ Adding conscious diversity and representation to the event stage and beyond
Consistent, inviting, inclusive communication before, during, & after the event

truly though, as an enneagram 6 they're all my favorite.


revenue expansion

➲ Intentionally designed website wireframe 
➲ Review marketing to deliver specific feedback & opportunities
Audience building through attraction, connection & shared values.
➲ Organic employee recruitment
➲ New client potential
Visual brand elements that sell, no words needed

brand building

➲ Extend audience reach with a conscious, affirming message
➲ Create strong connection points to increase sustainable sales
➲ Develop an inclusive experience and consistently exceed expectations
➲ Deliver captivating, ethical copy to convert clients quicker
➲ A thoughtful, effective offers & services structure


➲ Outlining systems + processes that streamline time, effort & cost based on the wants and needs of the specific individual(s)
➲ Sustainable content strategy development
➲ Adding platforms, software resources, and potential new hires
➲ A support system for the highs & lows of aspirations & self doubt.

behind the scenes

wanna try some ease on for size? 


wanna try some       on for size? 

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May I offer you some of my best T.Swift & Brené energy? 

We can discuss your upcoming event, brand building aspirations, website conundrums, client opportunities, or our favorite David & Patrick scenes... I'm just saying, we're never without options!

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"Katie is someone you want in your court. She asks the best questions, listens so well, and is one of the most amazing cheerleaders I've ever met. I love working with her!"

Certified Coach & Corporate Speaker

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"Katie is professional, equipped, and supportive. She wants you to succeed and she has the skills to help you do so. We would spend this money again without thinking about it."

"I'm receiving more leads with great companies who are telling me the warmth, info, and overall user experience on my website makes their decision to hire me over other options an easy one to make."

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"Katie simply has a way with words! my copy is perfect and better than I could have imagined. she communicated my services and vision so well!"

Kristi, MA
full & free enneagram co.
coach & educator

"Katie is creative, organized, reliable and truly brilliant! i hired her to help me re-craft my website and she made the process 100% smoother."

luxury wedding planner

"katie is an incredible designer. she is detailed, does her research and knows exactly how you should portray your business online."

enneagram mba
Business & life coach

"Sitting down with Katie and being able to share all my thoughts with someone who understood the industry, my business, and where I wanted to go with it was invaluable."

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"Katie is professional, equipped and supportive. SHe wants you to succeed and she has the skills to help you do so. I would spend this money again without thinking about it. "

I believe in processes that nurture your strengths and build upon your success to actualize your greatest opportunities and deepest aspirations. You don't need to be anything more than you already are and there is a unique interconnectedness between you & your offerings that is overlooked when entrepreneurs, and the like, are confined by others' order instead of supported inside their own. 

Creating the very best for you & your people.

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I can't say enough about the positive impact Katie has had on our business.

- amanda | connections academics

BCOUN (women + community), 10+ years Org Leadership & Community Event Directing, Showit Designer, Certified Trauma Informed Entrepreneur, Certified Human First Business