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Your Instagram Bio and What You Want to Say in It

A 5-minute Instagram Bio makeover to make the lasting first impression impact you’ve been wanting.

It’s easy to think about your Bio as a “set and forget” kind of task, but Instagram is different from your website or Facebook and needs recurring care to capture and convert your followers and customers.

Why your bio is one of the most important pieces to your social framework–

1 It’s your first touch point with viewers.

2 New leads will decide in seconds whether to follow or return to your account.

3 Desirable information needs to be extremely easy to find.

4 Excellent marketing involves qualifying your audience.

This simple makeover is easier (and more impactful) than you imagine.

STEP ONE || Make sure your IG username + name are clear. These are the only fields Instagram looks at when someone uses the Instagram search bar. Think about how to include your business name, location if relevant, and industry if that’s what your ideal customers are typing into the search bar.

STEP TWO || When typing out your bio remember what’s most important here — what you do/offer, who it’s for, and what’s in it for them. Ask yourself, “why would they want to follow my business?”. Then create a bio that makes your answer really clear with that information.

EXTRA TIP || Despite what you see on other accounts, don’t use hashtags in your own Instagram bio. They don’t show up in searches, and instead give new viewers an opportunity to click away from your account just as they find you. 

STEP THREE || Have you made good use of the link option + added your location? Both give you a chance to lead your audience and help them better understand your business.

Bonus Step One || Your highlights should offer high value, current content to your audience. Meaning, it needs to be something that your audience is likely looking for shortly after arriving to your page, or when they need information from you. Keep it to only a handful, and remove old and outdated information.

Bonus Step Two || If you’re going to put all that effort into your Instagram bio, make sure you’re then offering quality content in your posts. Post regularly, show faces of the people behind your business, and make sure your images are crisp and appealing.

Wondering if your content is as good as it should be?

Download your free guide for converting followers into customers. It includes 7 highly effective posting prompts and calls out a few mistakes you’re likely making that actually push your followers away from your brand.

Download your guide now.

What you do with this information is what really matters. 

TAKE ACTION NOW || Try setting a timer for five minutes and work through Steps 1-3 to create a persuasive Instagram bio in less time than it takes to order your favorite latte. 

see ya there!

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