75 minutes

where there's chaos a revelation awaits

$495 per session

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A one-time session for the creative strategy + focused feedback. Choose between:

Highly Recommended for:
✓ Connecting an idea to intention so it has purpose
✓ Articulating actionable clarity around lots of details to build your momentum
✓ Specific feedback, things to consider, & possible next steps
✓ Sharing your dreams out loud

Includes customized Session Intake Form, your 75-minute virtual Session (recorded for you), & 1 (one) Week Voxer + Email Support for any final questions or feedback.



High-level, looking at multiple ideas, concepts, or parts of a larger vision.

A targeted working conversation with a singular focus or intention.

Highly Recommended for:
✓ Ethical marketing practices
✓ Website structure & layout
✓ Reviewing & fine-tuning your offers & sales process
✓ Receiving tangible takeaways and feeling emotionally supported through your work and processes


"A dream come true... Our services are now better promoted and laid out than ever before."

achiever advisory session

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The VIP Daily

up to 4 hours

one day or one week of big work together

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Highly recommended for high touch impact in a short amount of time. We can dive deep and move at a pace comfortable for you to review and collaborate on any of the ideas mentioned above. Engineered to provide plenty of takeaways to apply anytime and training that keeps you implementing and improving long after our day together is done. What to expect:

✓ Complete & return your customized intake form
✓ Schedule onboarding call for introductions and reviewing the your VIP Daily priorities. You'll answer a few follow-up questions to help me prepare as best as possible and make sure we're aligned for an impactful day.
✓ You can expect a VIP Daily agenda & brand companion handbook prepared to guide us through your consultation, and in return, you walk away with a done-for-you  hard copy of everything we review & create together.
✓ You'll also receive up to 3 Modules of Biz to Brand Academy curriculum, hand-chosen by me for you so that on session day we'll spend less time talking fundamentals and more time creating specific solutions for you & your business.

"The best money we've ever spent!"


✓ Consultations are up to 4 hours + 1 hour for breaks & a meal (non-optional). You/your team are likely to experience an array of emotions during your consultation- energy bursts to moments of overwhelm. So we get some fresh air, eat a snack, move our bodies, refill our water bottles but we don't push through.
✓ We'll move at your pace, pausing on any one idea as long as you'd like. We can pivot on a moment's notice as new questions, ideas, or focus areas come to mind for you.
✓ The day flows with a conversational tone. I'll mindfully track our time to keep us going, but ultimately you decide if we prioritize the agenda or a more organic unfolding. There is no right or wrong answer here.


✓ 21 days of Voxer & Email Support for any additional questions, final feedback of anything covered during your consultation. This can include digital or printed materials, messaging, offer adjustments, or more nuanced questions as you integrate your takeaways into the daily flow of your business, brand, or event planning.


If you're unsure your priorities can be addressed in this timeframe, Highfliers Club offers 1:1 support just like this, and additional expansive advisory opportunities, for only $420/mo. See more info here.


w/ payment plan options

Highfliers Club

annual subscription

your back pocket partner for operations advisory

Are you experiencing procrastination on a regular basis? Perhaps you're watching as a variety of things pop up, then linger, on your to-do list that sound plain awful or beyond your current CEO capacity? Do any of those things happen to be related to your company's marketing, communication, brand building, sales processes, DEI, or ongoing customer centricity to increase satisfaction, loyalty, & profit? Task aversion & distraction are two of the most consistently noted signs when there is a need for expanding one's support network.

Highfliers Club is a private on-retainer partnership taking you straight past the employee hiring hassle & high costs, and alleviates the overwhelming + time hefty efforts of learning, developing, and managing many different business operations on your own.

Highfliers Club lets us keep conversations and to-do list moving, address a multitude of different needs with plenty of breathing room and collaboration. Your subscription allows me to work directly with anyone on your team, as needed, as frequently as makes sense. 

currently $1260 per quarter

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What you'll receive:
✓ 1 VIP Daily for a full-scope onboarding
✓ All B2B Curriculum (11+ hours) to accelerate any new operations focus
✓ Direct Advisory Support
✓ Full-time Advisory Access via Email & Voxer
✓ Workshop Passholder (free admission for anyone on your team to any monthly AC Co. workshop)
✓ On demand review, feedback, audit or other recommendations
✓ Cancel anytime without penalty

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- event venue | cincinnati, oh

We are already attracting and booking the types of clients that we hoped for. Katie knows what she is doing, cares about it and is sooo very good at it.

- family portrait photographer | cincinnati, oh

If you'd told me a year ago this is where I'd be in my business today, I wouldn't have believed you. But I am.

- real estate investor | cincinnati, oh

Her website & business knowledge made the implementation of the concepts I was looking for feel like a breeze.

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