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Website Design

all-inclusive showit

taking your website from dream to done

Your website should be connecting you to great leads every day, creating unrivaled interest in what you offer, and motivate potential customers to reach out without objection or hesitation.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and marketing is your most important digital asset then it’s easy to understand the value of a stunning, strategic website that gets your business noticed and known.

Don't give up on the idea that your website makes a big difference. With concern that a new one will cost beyond your means or the process painstakingly long, it’s easy to look the other way. Deep down you’ve wondered how a better site would change things and you’re curious what your own beautiful website would look like. Let's not wait any longer to find out.



Primary logo, logo variation(s), custom font pairings, inspiration board, color palette, and brand guide so you understand how to use everything effortlessly throughout all areas of your business. You'll receive all logo files and rights to use.


Partnering with a design expert, like me, we'll help you confidently decide exactly what your business website needs. All sites are designed for a great user-experience on desktop and mobile devices.
Note: If you have already purchased a Showit template and need help customizing it, I can help!


A beautifully designed site with no strategy is not the kind of investment you're looking to make. My design principles and concepts are all grounded in current, proven marketing and conversion focused methods. You'll feel proud and assured in the beauty and strategy of your new site.


Through carefully crafted website copy your website will showcase your expertise, communicate your irresistible value, remove objections from buyers, create eagerness, and highlight information to attract qualified leads who convert more easily. All of this leading to greater profit margins and less stress for you.


Helping you setup a new domain, transferring your existing one, blog migration, lead magnet integrations, social platform connections, and making sure your site is optimized so that Google can connect you to the right people. Picture me behind the screen, glasses shoved up on my nose, completing the non-glamorous tasks that elevate your site beyond the competition.


Ensuring your experience with Abundant Collab Co. is exceptional and special for you is a main priority. From our first call, to the last detail of your website launch. We'll have a private project board where you can check-in on details, without needing to micromanage. Communication will be streamlined, convenient, and available whenever you need it.


Before we *clink* our glasses together for the final toast, we'll walk through the back-end of your website so you feel completely comfortable navigating it and have answers to any final questions. A 14-day post launch window is provided, as well as up to five hours of technical support for the following 365 days after your website goes live.


Saying goodbye doesn't have to be forever. All website clients are transferred to my private Client Club. You'll receive exclusive rates on future website projects, marketing mentorship, one time design collateral, and more. I'm here to stay and help you as your business continues to grow and thrive, without ongoing retainer fees or pricey onboarding investments you don't need.

investments begin at $3500 and The average investment for a custom website is usually around $6200.

Your Showit Website

let's get started!

an Overvie

The Process




We'll review your project needs and desires together making sure I'm the right designer for you. A signed contract & deposit gets us started!





schedule a call

You'll love this part! We take what you feel are your scattered thoughts and ideas and turn them into the perfect vision and framework for your new website.

brand & design concept

Not having to outsource your copywriting saves you time,  money, and lets us partner completely to create a totally authentic, aligned, and powerful end product that you love.


This is the easy part for you. I'll be busy building out and designing your new site and you get to focus on everything else in your business, worry-free.

site development

We'll review to make sure it's absolutely perfect and hits the mark on every detail as we discussed and intended. Seeing your new website may feel magical or even like a dream come true. Hope that's okay.

let's make it perfect

Did you know it could be this easy? Your final site will go live, you can pop the champagne, and start telling everyone to check you out online. Congratulations and cue the confetti!

launch & celebrate

Feeling in control of your business

Attracting clients excited to work with you

Confidence & pride in what you offer

A website that stands out and impresses

Brand recognition

Increased bookings at higher rates

Better referrals, loyal customers, & raving fans

Revenue and business growth

Your business after working with ac co.

Not wanting To Share Your Website

Overspending and long Project Timelines

Feeling overwhelmed

Missed Revenue Opportunities

Attracting The Wrong People

Your Ideal Clients are Booking Elsewhere

A Website That's Difficult To Maintain

No website Marketing Strategy

Your business without ac co.

The Transformation

Before and after with your new brand

being remarkable

stressed & stuck


Petite Website Design

wow-worthy on a budget

the small website that makes a big impression

"Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should you refresh your browser tab one more time?"
-Your New Website

This website design is ideal for those who don't need pages of website, but still want to be capturing leads and attention online. Same great strategy and service as the all-inclusive package I shared about above, but on a smaller scale. 

Are you a new business, solopreneur, passion hustler on the side, or community business who wants to keep your people in the know? This is for you. Affordable without compromise. Get out your calendar and look ahead. Your brand new website will be ready to launch is just 2-3 weeks.

Investments for website designs up to 3 pages start at just $2000. 

Additional Services

The Classic Modern Brand

visual brand design

creative branding for the purpose driven business

✓ Primary Logo
✓ Logo Variation(s)
✓ Custom Font Pairings
✓ Inspiration Board
✓ Color Palette
✓ Brand Guide
✓ Logo Files
✓ Full Rights
✓ Addtn'l Assets Available

Your investment $1000-$1500

What's included

now offering

let's get started!

let's get started!

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"we are already attracting, and booking, the types of clients we hoped for!"

"Katie helped me when I was overwhelmed and provided strategic, insightful solutions that removed so much stress and even made it fun. She was able to listen well for greater understanding and pull lots of loose ends together that helped me accomplish my goals. She knows what she is doing, cares about it and is sooo very good at it. Do not hesitate to reach out to Katie if you think she might be the answer you're looking for!

"I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to work with Katie!! She was a careful listener in our planning calls and has a fine eye for details and design. Her knowledge about websites and business as a whole made the implementation of the concepts I was looking for feel like a breeze. I highly recommend Katie to everyone who is interested in launching a site or rebranding their business!!"

"I would have spent countless hours working to roll out my website and it wouldn't have been nearly as cohesive or on brand."

mom homework

courtney bowlden photography

"Anyone who is overwhelmed by getting a new website up and running or just not knowing where to begin- HIRE KATIE!"

""I was feeling overwhelmed about redoing my website and how to word it to attract the clients I wanted to. I always looked forward to talking with Katie and was always blown away by her thoroughness in her research. The most helpful part was the copywriting. She knew what to say and where on my site. I loved all of her ideas and insight and knowledge. She is so fun to work with and is so knowledgeable. Working with her was the highlight of my year!"

bringing online marketing empowerment directly to the fingertips of local business owners who might otherwise feel overwhelmed and uncertain at the mention of the topic.

How we do It Around Here











We believe your business is unique, valuable, and the perfect fit for your dream customers. Knowing how & why is essential in unlocking new successes.

A customized approach to meet your current needs, while creating, supporting & believing in where your business is growing to for the future.

Confidence and capability to understand your whole business in order to design a brand that is ideal for attracting the right people & increasing revenue.

High value outcomes that work smarter for your business so your marketing investments are invaluable to your profit, achievements, and well-being.

Embrace the online marketing movement, ditch the overwhelm & confusion and say hello to more than you ever imagined possible for your business!

helpful info



Showit is a website platform that makes creating beautiful, customized websites without requiring code knowledge. Because of it's extensive capabilities, your design options are nearly endless and that makes it easy to showcase the value and personality of your business. And that makes growing a successful business easier. A monthly subscription is required, See rates here.


Definitely not. Each site I create and customize have so many possibilities thanks to the Showit platform, your branding, and the process that we go through together when identifying your design and site framework. Your site will reflect your business, your ideal customers, and help you reach your specific goals. Your business is unique and your website will be too.


Ugh, I understand this feeling so well. You know you're ready for a new website but you're not even sure what you need. So it sits on your to-do list day after day while you hope something will come to mind soon. Good news! My job is to help you find those answers and clarify your vision. Don't spend another second on this, I can help you.


what does your payment plan option look like?

Investments are usually divided into 3 or 4 equal payments (depending on the project scope). The first payment is your deposit, that is what will guarantee your spot on my calendar and set your project timeline. The final payment will be due prior to the launching of your new website. The other payments will be spread out evenly through the duration of your project. There is no additional fee for utilizing a payment plan.

can i maintain my own website or will you do it for me?

This is totally up to you! I'm here to support my clients long-term with quarterly, annual , one-time, etc. website updates as they need. However, I will also be helping you familiarize with your website so that you can manage it on your own if you'd like. The Showit support team is amazingly helpful, their tutorials easy to understand, and the back-end of your website is so user-friendly.


what if i don't live local to you?

I absolutely love supporting businesses local to me here in Cincinnati. But I am equally excited to connect with businesses no matter where they are located. Thanks to resources like Zoom, and a few others I have at the ready, we can easily communicate without the distance being an issue at all. 

how long should i expect my website project to take?

On average you can expect your new website to launch in 6-8 weeks from the signing of your contract. We can adjust those dates if you have a preference, but I understand the value in getting your site completed and launched so that you can move forward using it to grow your business.

i'm not sure i need your entire package, what do i do next?

Totally get that! I feel 100% confident in the value of my all-inclusive website package, but also understand the many variables that come with business. Please go ahead and reach out to me via my contact form, provide me with some details, and we'll work together to identify the best option(s) for you.


what do i need to provide and what's included?

We'll go over your website specifically on our call together. But generally speaking, my all-inclusive package doesn't require anything from you to begin. I'll send you 1-2 online questionnaires to fill out with everything I need. You'll supply your website photographs, and I'll happily collaborate with your brand photographer. I have great recommendations for a one-month stock photo membership so you have exactly what you need for a website that "wows".

abundant collab co.

yes, i'd love to connect with you

Excited about the possibilities yet?!

If you have questions or you're excited to begin, I can't wait to hear from you.

see ya there!

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