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Use the Enneagram to create a standout marketing message

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Take your leads from browsing to booked with these 7 post ideas. 

marketing made simple & effective: 5 smart strategies to try today

BONUS: Learn Your Sales Personality

Includes actual post examples to get started!

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Dubsado is how I succeed as a team of one. Using templates, workflows, sending contracts and invoices, appointment reminders, and more! It was my first "big investment" and I've never regretted it.


I'm a big fan of the way Flodesk is making email marketing accessible and easy for businesses of all sizes. Their templates, interface, and flat fee are a no-brainer. They offer a free trial and lock in at only $19/mo.


And.co is how I track all of my business purchases, monthly expenses, and revenue received. It easily breaks down my available business balance and keeps me up to date on my business finances.


I keep this app on my phone home screen and use it for my daily chats with other business friends, and even sometimes quick client questions or when I'm collaborating with another business on a project.


The easiest way to record and share messages, video education, and other video communication. I save so much time on calls being able to send clients a video instead.


Are you making Instagram graphics without using Canva? Don't do that. Canva is the unsung hero made over into a serious superstar. Go for the premium account to upload and save your business brand details.


Try as I may, I can never remember what gets capitalized in my blog titles. Now I just pop the title into this site and let it tell me.

social squares

Social Squares provides endless stock photos, marketing education and more with their monthly membership. I use their graphics all. of. the. time. #gamechanger.

booked out designer

If they were giving out #1 Fan buttons for Booked Out Designer with Elizabeth McCravy I'd for sure be wearing one. I've taken more courses than I can count. I know all about how they are marketed, their promises, and the content you find inside. If you're AT ALL wondering if this course is as legit as it sounds. It 100% is. Get on the wait list asap. What can I say except "you're welcome"!


How come some people can get even spacing on their Instagram posts? They aren't magic. Instagram is just a wild animal who can't be tamed. Type your caption here, copy and paste it into the app and voila!

A few of these are affiliate links. Just so ya know. But I personally use all of these. So, no worries there.


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