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Hi there! If you’ve made it to this page you’ve probably heard the news that I’m preparing to launch my new podcast this fall! This is the place and the page to be for all things podcast and I’m excited you’re here.

I have a few things to share with you that I would love to invite you to participate in:

The first one is a live launch party! If you’re in, or near, Cincinnati I would love to invite you to be part of that with me.

Secondly, I will be having a virtual launch team. No matter where you're located, I would be thrilled if you would consider participating in that as well!

And then lastly, I’m on the lookout for some great podcast guests. If you are interested in any of those things or you want to be notified when the podcast goes live, you’ll fill out the form down below.

My name is Katie Taylor and I launched Abundant Collab Co. in September 2019! I work primarily with specialty service-based businesses to create a better brand online through their website and marketing message strategy.

Over the last few years in working with clients I’ve learned that no matter what industry we are in, we have so many shared experiences that we would benefit in hearing from one another. Yet we don’t often have the chance to do so.

I’m a big believer that no matter where we are in our lives, business, purpose or passions, these pieces of us are all intertwined together. The podcast will be serving as a place where we can come together as an online community to have whole conversations that address not only the individual parts of these conversations but the bigger picture. I believe there is so much for us to take away from the conversation when we approach it from this angle.

Let me wrap up by saying this-- thank you for being here! I couldn’t do this without you. No, seriously, I couldn’t! I appreciate all of your encouragement, enthusiasm, and DMS expressing your excitement in the upcoming launch of this podcast.

It means the world to me. I really do appreciate you and I’m glad you’re here. I look forward to hearing from you when you fill out the form here on the podcast page.




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I get it. you're wondering why this podcast matters to you. I'll share some of my story and how that impacts what you can expect on future episodes of the podcast.


Guests will be a cornerstone on the podcast and I'm bringing one on so you can get an idea of what these conversations will be like.

Curious what you'll hear about when I do solo episodes? This will be a core topic episode so you know what you can keep coming back for more of.

I'm handing it over to my launch team and letting them decide what this episode should be about!

Join the launch team today! Nothing would make me happier!

If you like stories, here's a piece of mine.

it involves my car, some big life changes, and stories of women i kind of made up.

I was recording a last minute video entry for a financial grant contest at a business conference I had attended that day.

I had only 120 seconds to share my vision for a women's retreat with a mission for removing the societal barriers that keep us from so much of the community we need with one another.

I imagined three women wrapping up their work days in order to arrive at this retreat as strangers, but only for a few more moments.

The first closes her home office door and soon finds kiddos dancing underfoot with a day's worth of happenings eager to be shared.

The second, waves through the glass window to her colleagues before heading down the corporate elevator and starting the walk to the parking garage where she usually begins her evening commute.

And then, the one who thanks her girlfriend for taking her last client so she can clean up her station and head out early. She'll return the favor for that friend on her daughter's recital day.

I remember sitting in my car a few years ago.

I had left my job the year before.

My heart was sad, my mind uncertain, but my soul was at peace. I had no idea what I'd do next. I knew that I had to first clear my plate and create space for new opportunities and direction. 

It was, like, a really uncomfortable season.

I hated how my mind made up stories of what others must be thinking about me. I wasn't volunteering, We moved to a new house, and I had resigned from an organization others were eager to be part of.

I can't say I knew much in those days, but 3 things were true...

I had never honestly considered how I wanted to be fulfilled professionally.

My mental health needed tending and healing.

Women have unbearable pressure, lack of support, and little time to dream.

The hostesses and guests sharing, in one way or another, how they're giving their gifts to the world. It felt like I'd found a portal to a world I hadn't known existed. One where women are believing in themselves, their passions, and then living life together accordingly.

The Creative Analyst Podcast will be a place for the women I dreamed up in those 120 seconds. A shared space where our paths converge, and our differences will be what lend us stories to encourage and educate together.

I started listening to podcasts hosted by women.

tell me when it launches!

what to expect

Episodes that share the type of education and brand strategy I use and teach my 1:1 clients.

Industry specific experts sharing with you ways to help your business thrive in alignment and grow the way you want to.

We are so much less alone than we think we are. Get ready for a whole lot of BTS. Because we are so much more than our businesses.

The better we care for our mind, body, and soul the better our businesses are. We'll dig into mental health, current womens' & societal issues, and more.

Support and community across different businesses, industries, years of choosing to be here, there's a seat at this table just for you.

Real conversations that encourage, educate, and uplift. We aren't selling pipe dreams here. We're linking arms and cheering one another one as we go.

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