I've always been a problem finder, and that's why I never quite fit in as the employee. I just cannot accept status quo when I know there's a better option out there for greater (and easier) returns across the board. For business owners and marketing, this looks like finding a way to both clarity and confidence around sharing their business successfully in online spaces.

For me, I know it's about more than just marketing. When messages are clear, and brands are strong, everything changes for the life of the tired, weary, or overworked business owner. They find their way back to the passion that led them to open their doors, extend their services, and care about serving others well in the first place.

Enneagram 6 and house project DIYer. In my down time you'll find me swinging in our hammock outside or getting my kids "just one more snack".

Changing the marketing narrative for small businesses everywhere.

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I'm honored and humbled to have been a recent featured, guest speaker for others.

Katie Taylor


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kristi r., full and free enneagram co.

"I hired her to help me re-craft my website after my first year in business, and she made the process 100% smoother. So grateful and would highly recommend her."

"Katie is creative, organized, reliable and truly brilliant!"

amanda v., connections academics

"Specifically business who want to have a close touch point on their social accounts and want to have their voice present in their social media offerings and deliveries."

"I think many businesses would benefit from her approach..."

Katie is building a name for herself and her company, Abundant Collab Co. in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and beyond. She's on a mission to bring online marketing education directly to the fingertips of local business owners who otherwise feel overwhelmed or uncertain at the mention of the topic.

She combines coaching, mentoring, and strategy to give custom solutions for her clients' website, brand, and marketing message that not only feel good, but are manageable, and results-driven. 

Her clients have been able to reduce time online, book out brand new businesses and existing ones, raise prices and create new revenue streams with a clearly defined brand.

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"It's important to me that my clients feel capable to market themselves, and confident in the goals they are working toward with the effort they put into taking their brand into digital spaces."

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1: Why followers, likes, and comments aren't the success measures you think they are.

2: Understanding your social audience so you can attract, connect, and convert more sales.

3: What makes a website worth the investment and how it pays back again and again.

4: The biggest mistakes that hold back your success in online spaces.

5: How to avoid the negative feelings around comparison and keeping up online. 

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"You are already distinguished, unique and excellent. It's not about making you something you aren't. it's helping you realize everything you already are!"

1: My journey in leaving a dream job in non-profit that led me to helping others on my own terms.

2: Why it's still scary as a woman to step away from pleasing others to pursue a life of your own to love and enjoy.

3: How I used Instagram and organic marketing to start, grow, and scale a business. The good, bad, and ugly.

4: Using the Enneagram and Strengthfinders to change my life, honor my talents, and build the right business for me.

"Despite popular messages these days, it is possible to define your own terms for taking to social media to help your business grow, succeed, and stay healthy."

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1: 5 W's (+1 H) for Marketing your business

2: Insta Success Challenge

3: Instagram Made Simple

4: Understanding IG for your Biz

5: 5 C's for Supercharging your Success

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