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My Full Review of Booked Out Designer by Elizabeth McCravy

Here’s the backstory to help you get started. I was not following Elizabeth McCravy or very familiar with her work prior to hearing about Booked Out Designer. I had heard her on a podcast in early 2020 and what I think happened, was that I subscribed to her podcast at that time, but had never […]

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Mid-Year Business Review Ideas + AC Co. Reflections on 2021

“‘Some people do have a more positive outlook, but almost everyone remembers negative things more strongly and in more detail.” There are physiological as well as psychological reasons for this. “The brain handles positive and negative information in different hemispheres,” said Professor Nass, who co-authored “The Man Who Lied to His Laptop: What Machines Teach […]

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11 Remarkable Brand Shoot Essentials

After a quick Pinterest search I realized that some of the best things I brought to my most recent photoshoot weren’t in any of the typical brand shoot preparation posts I’ve come across. Planning a brand photoshoot is no small job. And the last thing you want is to be disappointed with the results after […]

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Favorite Questions From A Website Designer & Brand Strategist 

It’s time to share some fresh, unexpected web designer questions to help make your website better than you could even imagine it to be for your small, service-based business. You ready?! Here they are: 1 What is the number one question your business receives? 2 Are the people reaching out to you also booking with […]

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7 Tips for Beating Instagram Burnout

Before you try to beating another round of Instagram burnout by signing up for a new workshop promising illusive algorithm answers– try out one or two, or more, ideas from my list. Before I offered website design and brand strategy I worked with many business owners who were trying to figure out how to make […]

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Brand Design for Podcast Strategist Megan King | Raleigh, NC

I met Megan for the first time before ever launching Abundant Collab Co. We crossed paths in a Facebook freelancing group and have stayed connected through Instagram ever since. It’s been so much fun watching our communities overlap one another in a variety of networking and projects. Most recently, Megan has made the decision to […]

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colorful wedding bouquet on hood of vintage car

Booking High-End Clients For Your Wedding Business

So you’re looking at ways you can be booking high-end wedding clients? Of course you are. And if you can keep your sanity and charge more without needing to work longer hours, that would be great too, wouldn’t it? I agree. Whether you’re newer to the industry or you’re carrying a decade of experience– these […]

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3 Ways You Could (& Can) Be Booking More Business

I was chatting with a business mentor the other day for a podcast episode I was a guest on when I said something to the effect of “You can only work faster in your business for so long. So you’ve got to be working smarter.” Booking more business doesn’t have to come “from scratch” ideas […]

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Use the Enneagram to create a standout marketing message

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