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Hair Dresser Website: Why It Helps Biz + Stunning Template Options

I’ve been seeing my hair dresser for more than a decade and now my two kiddos (10m/5f) see her as well. With back to school in full gear it was time for everyone to get a fresh cut. Anytime I sit in her chair I think about the salon from a business + brand perspective […]

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Woman stands facing to side with laptop open in front of brainstorming and strategy wall

It’s time to share some fresh, unexpected web designer questions to help make your website better than you could even imagine it to be for your small, service-based business. You ready?! Here they are: 1 What is the number one question your business receives? 2 Are the people reaching out to you also booking with […]

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Cell phone with instagram feed being held up in front of pantone colors on white wall

Before you try to beating another round of Instagram burnout by signing up for a new workshop promising illusive algorithm answers– try out one or two, or more, ideas from my list. Before I offered website design and brand strategy I worked with many business owners who were trying to figure out how to make […]

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ipad flatlay with brand mock up

I met Megan for the first time before ever launching Abundant Collab Co. We crossed paths in a Facebook freelancing group and have stayed connected through Instagram ever since. It’s been so much fun watching our communities overlap one another in a variety of networking and projects. Most recently, Megan has made the decision to […]

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colorful wedding bouquet on hood of vintage car

So you’re looking at ways you can be booking high-end wedding clients? Of course you are. And if you can keep your sanity and charge more without needing to work longer hours, that would be great too, wouldn’t it? I agree. Whether you’re newer to the industry or you’re carrying a decade of experience– these […]

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Teal ipad cover closed on white magazine with coffee and pen nearby

I was chatting with a business mentor the other day for a podcast episode I was a guest on when I said something to the effect of “You can only work faster in your business for so long. So you’ve got to be working smarter.” Booking more business doesn’t have to come “from scratch” ideas […]

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Abundant Collab Co. is approaching it’s second anniversary coming up in September. As you know, SO much goes down in these first two years. And that’s not even including the pandemic of 2020, ya know?! I share a lot more in detail about the growth over the last two years in my mid-year review, so […]

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