A 3 month private cohort for impact-oriented entrepreneurs who want to actualize their business' potential and fully step into their aspirations for more.

Climb out of the traditional business box and into a deeply supported space for creating and expanding your business growth.

Hi there!! I’m excited and honored by your interest in working closely together inside B2B Academy over the upcoming 90 days so that you may find freedom to claim the best for your business on your own terms.

Real quick…

What B2B Academy is not: It’s not a program where we focus on what you’re doing wrong or what you need to “fix” or “should” be doing. That’s not the kind of support I offer as you look to tap into your greatest potential.

What B2B Academy is: An organized space where we’ll work together as a small group, and in 1:1 settings, to identify where your doubts might be coming from, cultivate strong problem-solving skills, and establish self trust in your business-making decisions.

One of the primary objectives is that you graduate with a fuller understanding of how your uniqueness is what makes your business unparalleled and valuable in the marketplace.

The weeks are designed to guide you through a variety of foundational & expansive topics so you’re equally confident in running the biz side of things and in the services you choose to provide.

Why “Biz to Brand Academy”?

The potential.

The potential to free the opportunities within your business through the power of understanding and utilizing your unique brand.

Each week’s content will serve as a loose guide for our group providing recorded education and topic talks. Combined with an opportunity to participate in group coaching calls and private check-ins with me for feedback, insight, and additional support. And lastly, admission into two live, private workshops with certified coach & thought leaders to further support your journey of understanding self & prioritizing your mental wellbeing.

       The next step in this process is to complete the application below - this is so that you and I can make sure this program is a good match and so I can better understand your goals and intention for our time together.

The investment is $2700 or $3000 after 11/18. 
There are 10 total openings. First come, first served based upon approved application and enrollment completion.

Thank you for connecting! I'll be in touch within 2 business days to talk about next steps!

Once this application is completed, you may still choose to book a short Connect call if you have other questions you’d like to ask! (*Applying does not commit you to the program.)

the next round of biz to brand academy starts january 2023