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A 90-day high touch cohort for entrepreneurs to actualize the potential within their business & continue growing in ways that make sense for them.

Peace of mind from the idea that you need to be anything more than you already are for your business to be successful.

Recognizing when certain methods aren't supportive of your needs and having the resources to choose something different.

How valuable would it be for you to lead your business with this kind of confidence & clarity??

Ownership & pride in your business vision knowing you can trust your own passion + expertise.

Clients have shared with me when they're lacking vision + clear options they find themselves feeling loneliness and some serious CEO fatigue.

With the support inside B2B, they recognize a shift in their perspective, aspirations, and control over how they choose to navigate their business without compromising their capacity.

the details:

Biz to Brand Academy is a 3-month, comprehensive small-group program created for driven business owners who didn't go to biz school. B2B equips + supports you to...

> Trust yourself with the CEO decisions of your business
> Pursue your fullest potential 
> Grow your business in ways that make sense for you, not follow a method just because it worked for someone else
> Go beyond "in the box" thinking so you can create new opportunities based on your unique value in the marketplace
> Have support beyond when things are going "well", and troubleshoot the tough spots through collaboration, conversation, and taking the time needed when it's not a "quick fix".
> Uncover ways comparison might be holding you back
> Reduce the hustle and spend less time tied to your laptop or phone
> Learn practical, tangible, and creative strategies that make running & growing your business easier
> Set a strong foundation for their new-ish business
> Take a new look at how you're running things as an experienced business owner

enroll in b2b

>> INVESTMENT: $910 (per month x 3 months)

You know data informed decisions matter.
You’ve followed your gut as best you know how.
And you’ve got one heck of a dream board.

If you feel like you're confined in your business and not sure where to go from here, you're invited to enroll and join me inside B2B Academy for 90 days of education, empowerment, and transformation.

There's no one right way to get from here to there in your biz- 

It's time + energy + know-how that come with limitations .

(so many opportunities...!)

(this is where having help helps.)

The Curriculum

0.1 Pre-Program assessment
1.1 who you serve
1.2 your marketing flow
1.3 questions
1.4 creating the connection
1.5 Active Listening + Takeaways

2.1 What is a brand story
2.2 creating your brandscript
2.3 words matter
2.4 defining your brand
2.5 visual branding
2.6 buyer beware
2.7 elevator pitch script
2.8 Your about page
2.9 brand photos

3.1 defining your u.v.p.
3.2 perceived value
3.3 aligned value
3.4 your swot analysis
3.5 brainstorming exercise
3.6 self awareness builds value
3.7 review + application

4.1 services + offers intro
4.2 pricing examples
4.3 pricing concepts
4.4 exercise activity + implementation

5.1 workflows intro
5.2 brand to revenue framework
5.3 standard operating procedures
5.4 emails + communication

6.1 Intro to the customer experience
6.2 getting started tips
6.3 client experience resources
6.4 onboarding + offboarding clients
6.5 expectations for a successful experience
6.6 how to wow
6.7 creating your experience
6.8 standardize your communication

7.1 website foundation + overview
7.2 home page design essentials
7.3 crafting your service page
7.4 your contact page
7.5 navigation menu + footer
7.6 copy that captivates
7.7 seo fundamentals + tools

8.1 the origin of an opt-in
8.2 examples of a lead generator
8.3 brainstorming your options
8.4 next steps with email marketing

9.1 assessment + overview
9.2 identify + defining values
9.3 instagram makeover
9.4 instagram made simple

module 1 | 1 hr 50 min

who you serve 

Module 2 | 2 hr 28 min

your brand story

Module 3 | 1 hr 19 min


module 4 | 1 hr 19 min

services + offers

Module 5 | 37 min

repeatable systems

Module 6 | 1 hr 27 min

the customer experience

module 7 | 1 hr 23 min

a successful website

Module 8 | 22 min

email marketing 101

Module 9 | 32 min

instagram marketing

11+ Education Hours
Available anywhere, anytime making it easy to complete the program.

When you enroll in B2B you'll have access to all content, group calls, call recordings, both guest expert trainings, and participation in the group community.

Rest weeks are in the recommended syllabus to allow for catch-up, integration, and processing of what you're learning. I know you're still responsible for your business during this time and a little flexibility can help.

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Here's How Class Works Inside the Academy

Have the chance to tell your story and connect to others when you join me for an episode on The Hustle Less Podcast and receive an exclusive website badge featuring the quality of your biz + brand.


Two guest expert trainings chosen specifically for you including Enneagram MBA founder, Sarah Wallace,  and Mental Wellbeing educator, Meriden McGraw.

mind + self

Designed to prompt small, actionable tasks that guide you in the transition from learning to using so that the doing and succeeding is just as achievable as the learning. This is one of the most unique components of the program.

achievable takeaways

Share your progress with me anytime! The intent isn't to create" one more thing" you need to get done. Instead, it's an optional, extra aid for those who appreciate the accountability and find the direct support beneficial.

progress review + feedback

This isn't a do-it-alone program. At any point throughout you can request support privately or collectively within the class. That's why the class size is capped at 5 people.

direct mentorship

Group calls are a time for you to ask clarifying questions, share specific examples of what's going on in your business, receive direct feedback, and to hear others' takeaways.

5 coaching calls

a $1750 value
a $3500 value
a $600 value
Your Success is Priceless!

what they're saying

client feedback

Katie is professional, equipped, and supportive. She wants you to succeed and she has the skills to help you do so.

Messaging is hard enough to write, but then displaying it together correctly [on the website] is even harder. I would spend this money again (on a marketing strategy session) without thinking about it. 

kara + Nicole
hand me up

I had been struggling for months with all the ideas and questions rolling around up in my head without doing anything about them.

Sitting down with Katie and being able to share all those thoughts with someone who understood the industry, my business, and where I wanted to go with it was invaluable. Her being able to share relevant ideas and options for me to reflect on and make my own was so helpful in finally getting out of my head and moving forward.

sarah w.
enneagram mba

i've received so many compliments and such great leads on my new website and copy!

Katie is truly so talented at what she does and is such a kind hearted individual to work with. She is so much more than a website designer + copy writer!  I'm so grateful for all of the time, expertise, and insights she shared into me + my photography business.

Emma F.
Emma FLanagan Photography

Are you wondering if Biz to Brand Academy is a good fit for your business?

previous clients in these niches have used, and are using, b2b fundamentals in their own businesses:

mental health therapists
coffee shops
kids' retail
coworking spaces
life & biz coaches
moving company
academic tutoring
home renovators & designers
website designers
event planners
independent consulting

Yes! Sign me up now!

There's always going to be something you could tweak in your business. But, which things? And when? And for what purpose? And will it ever be enough? You’re going to approach your business value through an entirely difference lens during our time together inside Biz to Brand. That's one promise I can make.

By understanding your full potential you'll slide on over into the driver's seat, take control over how you choose to put your value into the marketplace, and map out your own path to success. 

You are unparalleled. You are a value that can't be replicated and that means your business is too.

It’s not just what you do that matters, it’s you.

If there's been some over-thinking, decision paralysis, or concerns around burnout... I'm here to say, that makes a lot of sense.

as business owners, we are constantly being sold solutions to problems that someone else insists we attend to in order to succeed.

Being a go-to business for whatever it is you’re offering because of how you do it no matter how much competition there is.

Raising your prices and having more loyal and excited clients instead of attracting price shoppers and nay-sayers.

A selection of systems, processes, and action plans as you actively build a business you enjoy owning.

Consistent referrals, great retention, and amazing reviews that sing your praises and help you continue booking business.

A community of like-minded women who are open to sharing resources and experiences to support one another. A group committed to curiosity amidst challenges. Brave bosses who aren’t afraid to think outside the box or too proud to be a beginner at something new.

How do you feel about these kinds of changes?

the problem isn't us.

So, what if instead of investing more time & money for advice and trends that weren’t designed for you, invest in yourself so you can build the business you need.

Through the Biz to Brand Academy you can discover ways to trust yourself and  feel control over your business journey.

Hindsight: I was on an impossible mission. 

I resisted this for years.

I was set on proving that success is possible when we do it the right way.

When it didn’t work, I spiraled down the emotional vortex with thoughts like…

“If only I were more productive, had better systems, and stayed organized.”

“It’s my fault for not taking better care of myself so I can show up as my best self.”

“If I were committed to my goals I’d wake up before my kids and get sh*t done.”

“I should be grateful for what I already have and stop wanting more.”

The Business Space Doesn't Do a Great Job Supporting Us.

a little b.t.s. insight on me...

Are you Ready to tap into your cEO Power?!

in a way that feels good for you

Here's how the value of The academy break down individually:


15+ Hours of Foundational & Expansive Teaching - $1875
Five (5) Group Calls - $1750
Direct Feedback, Strategy, and Guidance - $1905
Two (2) Guest Expert Trainings - $600
Three (3) Month Mentorship - $3500
Up to two (2) 1:1 calls - $635

TOTAL COST: $10,265

Join B2B Academy for only $910 (per month x 3 months).

Where can you expect to implement this in your business?

that's totally up to you... but the content is applicable to lots of areas!

qtrly planning

social media
goal setting

defining intentions

guest speaking
internal systems

biz development
client & employee relationships

christina b.
vero home cincy

"Katie is someone you want in your court. She asks the best questions, listens so well, and is one of the most amazing cheerleaders I've ever met."

Biz to Brand is a collective of strategies, tips, empathy, curiosity, business education and leadership support with the objective of enabling your own power and authority to better your brand.

At the heart of Biz to Brand, beyond all the incredible information, is an invitation to consider not pushing yourself so hard to always be doing more and instead accept a chance for something better.

You’re invited to join B2B and unlock new ways of thinking as you pave your own business path toward a better biz & brand so you can simplify the hustle, increase profit opportunity, and find a happier, more sustainable way to succeed.

I'm Katie.  A professional website designer, strategic brand builder & integrative marketing coach helping you continue the work of getting your business known for all the right reasons.

hey there!
i'm ready to apply!

You'll schedule your 1:1 clarity call so we aren't strangers on Week One. I love getting to hear about you, your business, and what you're looking to gain from B2B Academy.

join your class


Enrollment is open for 5 total participants on a first come, first served basis upon approved application, enrollment completion & first payment received.




Completing this brief application is to honor your time & investment and make sure this program is a good match for where you're at in your business today.


"What are my next steps?" Great question.

>> INVESTMENT: $910 (per month x 3 months)

You're a clock-in, clock-out, collect paycheck and go home kinda gal. No problem at all, but this program isn't for that.

You feel like people who want it badly enough will hustle hard enough for it and you find their "excuses" to be annoying.I have a feeling I'm not the best fit for you. (I love Netflix & walking around my house doing nothing in particular.)

You're looking for a 1:1 exclusive, long-term mentorship program where you're not sharing ideas with others or you just need something a bit more private in this season of life. (I do have private mentorship options, but there is a community value to this specific program.)

You're wanting someone else to find the answers or take over the heavy lifting of your own dreams.

This is not for you if... 

Committed to the value and impact you know your business provides to others and growing your biz with integrity.

Running your business on the daily but feeling kind of "all over the place" and need help optimizing on the back-end in ways that honor, not confine, who you are.

Ready to be responsible for your success by asking for what you need and holding yourself accountable to your own unique journey rather than comparing it to anyone else's.

Regularly generating revenue but want to look for ways to make it simpler, easier, and more enjoyable.

This is for you if you are... 

i'm excited that you're excited.


ready to enroll?

Book a Call with Me to help you with Your decision.


need to chat?

That's natural.
you can Ask me directly.


have questions?

you have options!

Ready to do this? 

Claiming the very best for you & your business on your own terms.

the opportunity awaits, what do you think?

>> INVESTMENT: $910 (per month x 3 months)

I believe in processes that nurture your strengths and build onto your successes to access your greatest opportunities. You don't need to be anything more than you already are and there is a unique interconnectedness between you & your business that is often overlooked when entrepreneurs get confined to "in the box" thinking that doesn't support their needs & dreams. 

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