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Most business owners figure that if they can get more followers, curate a decent feed, and post regularly that as a result their business will prosper. But, it doesn’t take long for them to try it out and instead feel overwhelmed by the whole process and frustrated with the lack of results.

Or maybe that's why you're here! Because you've seen the impact of Instagram with your own business but you've outgrown your marketing plan or your content isn't converting in the ways you want it to and you're looking for some fresh perspective to get you back on track for the best results.



It feels like a lot.
It doesn't have to.

Trust me, I get it.

That's why I created this service for you.

You’ve got an amazing business built by you that serves your clients in tremendous ways. You know the value of what you provide and yet it’s hard to know exactly what action to take to get your business noticed and how to share on social in ways that grow your business toward the goals that matter to you.

Using Instagram in the right ways is exactly how I started, built, and continue to grow my own business - I know how valuable it is to you! I also know how confusing industry words can be, that there is tremendous pressure around follower growth, and that learning the platform takes time and that is hard to come by when you're running a successful and growing business.

"Katie is so knowledgeable about Instagram, and she is able to share the information in such a way that is relatable and actionable. I now feel like I have a better idea of the types of content that my audience wants to see."

"LOVE working with Katie! She meets you where you are, helps you clarify your thoughts & message, and gives you great next steps to take. [I am] reminded every single time I talk to [her] why it's valuable."

"You helped me create a better social media plan, boosted my confidence in how to proceed with marketing, gave me fresh ideas and inspiration on how to showcase what we have to offer! I feel that our services are now better promoted and laid out than ever before." 

How I Help...

 Shelley, family owned business

Natalie, online business owner

Christina, husband & wife business owners

questions you might have for your account review:

- How can I attract more clients/customers or higher paying clients/customers?

- Am I using all parts of the platform in the best ways to maximize my impact/revenue/growth/opportunities?
- Am I providing the right value to create growth or find new customers?
- Is there a number of followers I need before I can see results?

- How do I know which photos to use?

- Can I have a plan in advance so I'm not struggling with what to post all the time?

- How can we connect with our followers so they're ready to take action on our offers and calls to action?

- How can I better understand Instagram so I can be more effective and efficient?

how account reviews have helped others like you:

"Actionable tasks that made me feel confident with specific strategies and plans to implement right away!"

"You helped me articulate the experience, and create the beginnings to cohesive marketing that can extend to our website and Facebook page."

"You showed me that I can engage in a way that makes sense for my goals, and that isn’t overwhelming. It feels doable, and its fun! I feel like I was given permission to simply do what I want with it (effectively), without feeling like there's a 'right way' that I’m missing."

client results from account reviews:

 "...able to reach my target audience at a greater more efficient rate."

"I now have the ability to present myself in a professional manner."

"Being able to share a clear picture is already helping us attract and book our desired audience & clients."

"I’m able to focus my message to the type of audience I want, and that is HUGE. Talking with you helped me to determine that audience, and then narrow my scope."

"Our business will have a more cohesive, engaging image on social media as a result of working with you."

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What To Expect

+ Questionnaire & Clarity Call to make sure your Account Review answers your questions and gives you clear direction.

+ Research based feedback and proven method recommendations specific to your priorities and goals.

+ Marketing clarity that you can use throughout your entire business, not just Instagram.

+ Review includes easy to understand PDF report & personalized audio recording as I review your account.

+ Direct Voxer and email access to me for seven days after you receive your Review for any follow-up questions you might have.

+Clients have described their Reviews as "helpful", "concise", "insightful", "encouraging", "effective", and      "phenomenal".

your investment


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Gram Guide

added (limited time) bonus

as an added bonus...

you'll also receive full access to the

totally free with your account review.

you'll also receive full access to the

Included with your account review.


an additional $99 value

the gram guide includes:

+The Gram Guide is a supplemental resource that allows clients to better understand the methodology of what I offer them for their accounts.
+It equips listeners to take the lead in knowing their social needs now and in the future as their business grows and evolves so they can stay aligned with their plans and goals.
+It extends as a teaching tool so you can continue to elevate with research-based action on the social platform.
+Convenient, concise listening modules

I LOVE that I still have access to the modules and can go back and listen to them!  I started 2019 feeling 100% clueless about IG. What helped the most? Katie! She has this thing called The Gram Guide with so many tips, great info, and resources! If learning the 'Gram is anywhere on your 2020 agenda, give her a follow. Reach out. You'll be so glad you did!

This was a thorough, diagnostic review on how to maximize Instagram to provide better value to my audience and improve my value as a business owner. I now have a framework for Instagram. Her knowledge and expertise coupled with a true desire to help were amazing!

The modules helped to break down the different aspects of Instagram and why to use each one and how to show up and send a message that’s congruent with the business you are creating. I have already seen a growth in my following and have a much clearer direction. Katie knows all things Instagram and the Gram Guide was so useful.

let's get started!




modules COVER:


(Live, Stories, IGTV)