A full-service creative strategy company serving the localish small business.


Abundant Collab Co. elevates small businesses by acknowledging & embracing the humanity of entrepreneurship and creating necessary support so others can more freely build their best business.

Client relationships are built on the 4 C's: Clarity, Consent, Choices, + Collaboration. Not sure what this looks like? I'd be honored to share more about this process with you through email or a short virtual chat.

Believe in your vision.
Release the hustle,
& grow successfully.



be curious


go to grow




don't skip steps




everything has a place


change your mind


lean in


take time to play


be kind to yourself


let it be easy


only if you want to

Download a Digital Manifesto Print!

Download the full manifesto to see how to incorporate these principles into your own biz. Use the ones that help, don't worry about the rest. Btw, they work for everyday life too!

Includes printing rights & phone background version.


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There is nothing better in your business than          ,
no one more capable either.



"Business owner friends, I can't say enough about the positive impact Katie has had on our business. She was amazing to work with, the training and support were top notch."

"We knew we needed a social media presence but didn't think we had the time and did not know where to start. We've implemented some of the things we learned and are excited with the results."

academic tutoring company

community coffee shop

"If you had told me a year ago I would be booking Instagram leads for family photography I don't think I would have believed you. But I am! All thanks to Katie. I now have a framework and can spend more time offline with my kids. Katie's knowledge and expertise coupled with her true desire to help were amazing."

family portrait photographer

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"Katie is an incredible designer. She is detailed, does her research and knows exactly how you should portray your business online. She is a master at online platforms."

"A dream come true! I had wanted someone like Katie to bounce ideas off of and get advice from for a long time! She helped me create a better social media plan, boost my confidence in how to proceed with marketing, and gave me fresh ideas and inspiration on how to showcase what we have to offer! I feel like our services are now better promoted and laid out than ever before. The number one thing I've heard actually mentioned by our customers is our birthday party packages that she inspired me to create."

event planner

farm, festival, + event space

"Anyone desiring a clearer, effective social strategy, connect with Katie. We wouldn't be where we are in just one year without her insightful coaching and services."

wedding venue

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quick intro 

Enneagram 6w7

homebody + social introvert

routine keeper

leftie trying to avoid ink smears

always organizing something (my fam never knows where they'll find stuff)

slow mornings + flower growing hobbyist

off the clock you'll find me on the hammock or getting my kids "just one more snack"

Katie Taylor

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founder, ceo, bcoun, tiec

Arlo & Rosie
Finley & Merrin

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my kiddos

At the beach

fave place

A creative analyst at heartHer integrative marketing style is a unique approach blending more than a decade of education, leadership, & design experience to create a space where entrepreneurs are able to show up as themselves without feeling like they need to do or be more in order to succeed. 

Katie is committed to making small business education + opportunities more accessible and empowering entrepreneurial autonomy. She knows firsthand that it takes more than just "hard work", it's okay to ask for help, and we can find better ways to business well-being than what we've been led to believe.

She has successfully helped clients achieve many growth outcomes around increased service pricing, brand pivots, booking conversions, new leads, customer retention, brand awareness, entrepreneur confidence, new revenue opportunities, online visibility and more.


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