What you offer is your               , why they love it is your          . And none of its possible without        . 


Abundant Collab Co. elevates small businesses, entrepreneurs, community builders, modern leaders, and organizations by embracing humanity and delivering necessary support. My clients are catalysts for impact. The effects of their good work is something I trust from the bottom of my heart. I believe in, cheer for, and encourage my clients. They're so damn deserving of it and so are you.






human first


We don’t do anything just because someone said we should.

We were meant to color outside the lines. We can, we must, we will.

We see people first. Always. In everything.

It's gotta make sense for all your people, in all your places, or we aren't there yet.




A good eye

What we can do alone pales in comparison to what we can create together.

You do not need to do or be more than you already are. You're more than enough.

We need more money distributed into more hands, period.

Form, function and all the important stuff but with some really good style that feels like you.

Core Values

"The path you create for people to move into your world, and what it means to be in your world, is empowering."

-Rachel turner | human first© Author, Leadership Designs Co-founder, & Trauma Informed educator

Katie Taylor

extended bio

founder, ceo, bcoun, tiec

A creative analyst at heart blending more than a decade of education, organizational leadership, & program development experience to create a deeply supportive space for those I work from the lens of integration, certified in Trauma Informed Entrepreneurship and human first business. 

Impact-oriented entrepreneurs, leaders, & organizations work with me to reduce the hustle, for instead, an embodied brand that is whole, wise, and capable of expanding to do more of what they love to do.

My approach focuses on ways of bringing you back into your business using natural strengths and the unique value of your own experiences. I specialize in supporting clients as they build the skills + relationship-to-self necessary to trust their intuition and build the vision they want over the "should" advice of traditional biz space.

Identifying most as an Enneagram 6w7 I grew up seeking validation in external systems & beliefs simply to survive. After a 10+ years career in non-profit I quit my job(s) and began a slow process of deconstructing all my protective walls for a chance at living a whole + abundant life.

The Enneagram, inner child work, lots of therapy, a cPTSD + anxiety diagnosis and appropriate medication, an ongoing journey in reparenting myself with compassion, exiting organized religion and my role as Mom of 2 have been critical, beautiful assets over the last 5~ years.

Beyond my work you're most likely to find me outside, organizing with exception(al) excitement, googling flights to sunny cities or getting my kids "just one more snack".


quick facts 

Enneagram 6w7

homebody + social introvert

superb last minute fun finder

Leftie with an ink smudge

slow mornings + flower growing hobbyist

Most likely to find me on the hammock or getting my kids "just one more snack"

Arlo & Rosie
Jon, Finley, ,& Merrin

my coworkers

my crew

kind words

"Working with Katie was the highlight of my year."

-courtney | international wedding photographer

"Katie's knowledge coupled with her true desire to help was amazing."

-ashley | family portrait photographer

"The level of training and support we received is top notch."

-amanda | academic + tutoring

"She absolutely over exceeded my expectations."

-Emma | destination wedding + portrait photographer

"Katie is detailed, does her research, and knows exactly how to portray a business online."

- Kristine | event planner

"Working with Katie was so easy. Her process was clear and easy to follow. She understood [me]."

- tina | mental health & wellness