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Marketing Mentorship: Learn How to Talk About Your Business in 90 Days

Before I ever officially opened Abundant Collab Co. I was receiving inquiries from friends and online connections asking for help in figuring out the ways of Instagram. Believe it or not, each of those experiences and clients over the last 18 months have led me to offering a new Marketing Mentorship program.

At this point, entrepreneurs were familiar with the platform from a personal perspective, and were now posting to a business account. But they were confused, unsure, and stressed.

The pressure and expectations we often feel around social media in our personal lives are the same we run up against in the business world too. It feels like everyone else is getting ahead quicker, succeeding easier, and that no matter what you do it isn’t quite right or enough.

The difference is that social media is an incredible resource for today’s modern business owner. It helps them reach new people, quickly, repeatedly, consistently, and without the same type of efforts that would have been required to do so only a few years ago.

So, how then, can I help to equip business owners with the understanding, confidence, and strategy to take control of their Instagram marketing presence?


Before we get into the details of my Learn How To… Program there are a few key misconceptions that I want to clear up.

#1: The goal of Instagram is to acquire a mass of followers.

#2 Influencers and Businesses should approach the app in similar ways

#3 Social media should be outsourced

#1 The Goal of More Followers

#1 Almost without exception, a desire for more followers is the top priority for businesses. They’ve been told somewhere along the way that followers are key to success and so understandably they’re looking for solutions for this.

Followers are not the goal. Businesses see far greater success (i.e. higher profit margins, more referrals, less sales objections, increase in return customers, more frequent purchasing, higher conversion rates) when they focus on creating content that connects to their target market audience.

This is a result of understanding your audience, knowing their wants and needs, and connecting what you offer to their values and happiness. Gaining qualified, quality followers will inevitably occur with the right focus, but they are not the focus.

#2 Influencers v. Business Owner

#2 Influencers are on social media hours and hours a day. They create content on multiple platforms, partner with other brands, have agreed upon contracts and sponsorships. Ultimately are running a business that doesn’t exist much outside of the internet. 

Business owners have clients and customers to support. They spend a great amount of time managing their business and delivering on goods and services. They need to use Instagram as a core pillar within a greater business model. This means that while influencers are posting a high volume of content regularly, businesses will instead focus on quality content on a consistent basis that supports particular growth goals.

#3 Outsourcing Social Media

As soon as businesses feel over their head with social media they usually do one of two things. They drop it completely or they try to outsource it for better results. Outsourcing is a wise and valuable option for small businesses, but outsourcing social media at this point in the process is a mistake.

The time to outsource social media is only after you’ve developed a clear brand identity, marketing message, and framework for using Instagram. You are, and will continue to be, the visionary for your social presence. You will be responsible for checking that the mission is aligned, content is on par, and to assess outcomes and direct necessary changes.

What Led to Creating This New 90 Day Marketing Mentorship Program?

I think it’s a combination of having watched my parents be small business owners and then spending 10+ years in small business and non-profit myself. Business owners are truly so talented. They not only have exceptional ability and skill for the business they offer, but they are also customer service, accounting, payroll, HR, PR, janitorial, and more. 

But I’ve also seen how as the to-do list gets longer, the answer seems to be to work harder, longer, more quickly, or to postpone the non-essential.

I think there’s a way to work smarter and to allow for marketing to create new opportunities that alleviate much of the others. In this way, marketing becomes essential and invaluable.

Marketing is simply a tool for capitalizing on the excellence already within your business and using it to yield stronger, larger results. I want to teach more businesses how to do this so they succeed to new levels and also enjoy the entrepreneur life they’ve chosen. When you own your own business, there is no separating work from life. So I want the two to compliment each other rather than fight one another for needed attention.

Marketing is simply a tool for capitalizing on the excellence already within your business and using it to yield stronger, larger results.

Katie Taylor, abundant collab co.
Infographic of principle framework for Abundant Collab Co.

Who Will the Marketing Mentorship Program Help Most?

So far the concepts have helped a variety of businesses and solopreneurs in a range of industries including lifestyle photographer, event venue, local tutoring business, mental wellness leader, and real estate investor to name a few.

These businesses were able to understand the value of their offers and the “DNA” (so to speak) of their customers. This clarity helps connect them to more of their ideal clients, consistently without having to reinvent the wheel. 

As a result they’ve exceeded booking projections, raised prices, added new revenue streams and reduced work hours. Additionally they feel great about their business again, and confident in online spaces. We often overlook the non-physical results, and yet they are some of the most meaningful and powerful outcomes we could hope for.

What Makes It Different From Other Options Out There?

Here’s what I see in the marketplace today:

Online educators teaching other online business owners how to market and use Instagram.

Unfortunately, the type of content online businesses provide is completely different than businesses who primarily serve a local audience in offline spaces (i.e. you deliver goods, services, and experiences away from the computer)

Marketing firms providing services to businesses without a strong or relevant online presence of their own.

Marketing is a fast-paced world and many established marketing companies aren’t utilizing social media to grow, scale, and sustain their own businesses. I’m continually researching, studying, and furthering my education in order to keep my clients on the right track, and that’s why I can offer them such niche results within their budget and timeframe.

Consultants who offer to help you build a brand, coaches to help you overcome mindset issues, and social media managers providing you endless content calendars and posting prompts.

For anyone familiar with Strengthfinders, you’ll understand how the Analytical strength is known for identifying strong theories, detecting patterns and connections, and peeling back the layers until the root cause is revealed. This provides great value in developing structures, formulas and patterns before they even exist. 

It took me a while to understand just how much this helps my clients. Because we aren’t just looking at one issue, we’re pulling the entire map into view and deciding what the foundation requires, how to craft a course for maximum impact, and making sure everything works together for the greatest good. 

I strongly believe that this is a must-have, first step essential requirement for businesses who want to promote their business in the digital world. Before ads, advanced SEO, or any other marketing they must understand these baseline components. Otherwise they’re left with disjointed components and a lack of knowledge in what to do with them.

Infographic screenshot of services

What Type of Results Can Clients Expect From This?

Simply put, they’ll attract high value customers, increase profit margins, sell more of the right offers, increase their reputation and referrals and continue growing in the right direction.

Over the course of 90 day marketing mentorship they’ll gain more business clarity than they’ve ever had before. From that clarity they’ll be able to take stronger, bigger action for results that they never thought would be possible. And they’ll receive the support they need that exceeds their expectations. I have seen firsthand how my clients have used their own marketing framework to change their lives through the business they are building.

It’s incredible and I wish more people could witness it and give themselves the same chance.

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Need to clarify your own marketing vision and find the confidence you need to market successfully? Visit katiemtaylor.co/services to inquire or apply for a mentoring spot with Abundant Collab co.

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